An extra 3D camera shift shot I did using my contax T2. using only two images, I think that it often looks better with only two images if the subject isn’t moving because there is no chance of error, because the images will be next to each and not ‘shake’. Added a dash of music […]

The final piece for my A level coursework project which combines the two techniques of camera obscura and 3D camera-shift but also links them with the story behind the project ‘dreams’. Camera obscura’s link to dreams for me comes with the fact that the technique brings the outside in using the projection and dreams do […]

dream sequence, a set on Flickr. Some of the images from my dreams project, these are the unedited, non-colour corrected versions. I took a few from each of the shots of the first and second character. (the chased and chaser). Check back for some of the CO and other parts before I post the final […]

Location, a set on Flickr. A few shots from a shoot I did weekend looking for the right location for my camera obscura/3D shift project which is based around a dream. This forest will be the location for the shoot because I really like the atmosphere and think it gives the right vibe for what […]

The first shot from my Camera Obscura/3D shift dream project, I story boarded the whole of the piece and this is the first shot. A panning shot across the camera obscura room. The dark lines that you can see in this clip are from scaffolding outside the window, I didn’t know that it was going […]

Although the technique in this music video for the song Turn out the lights by Mineo, it is still using a 3D camera-shift type technique to create the effect. The difference here is that instead of having moving objects as well as the 3D shift dual angle, these photos seem as though they are a […]

Another 3D camera-shift video from A nice idea every day, this one earlier than the other a nice idea every day camera-shift video I posted. This is actually a music video for Doubtful comforts by the Blue roses which is the song that I used for my last 3D camera-shift test, I chose to use […]