Monthly Archives: October 2013

Camera Obscura in Bath 2

The second of the eight that I shot in the past week, another quite dark shot but still with the hyper lapse movement. First is the shot the regular way up then the second is the same clip flipped so that the buildings are the correct way up, this is necessary because camera obscura project […]

Camera Obscura in Bath

Timelapse video of camera obscura room in Bath that I shot on tuesday morning, I was under time constraints so more time would have been good and the quality may have been better. This panning shot is a little dark and not as smooth as I would like but I was lucky with the weather. […]

Bath Camera Obscura

Bath CO, a set on Flickr. Some stills from a day of shooting camera obscura in a house in bath. The view is from on the hill down over the rows of houses. I was very lucky with light and the photos came out very well. Camera obscura takes time especially if you want to […]

Flickering 3D attempt 2

My second attempt in a project I am doing on at the moment. My first time shooting with the basic rig I built to use for this project. See this post for details( I think with the advance of the rig I was able to keep both cameras consistently steady which has greatly improved […]

Street photos from gallery trip

Gallery Visit street, a set on Flickr. As promised in the other gallery post I have added a few more photos to this set, only a few at the bottom. -Dan

Stills from 3D project

Stills from 3D project, a set on Flickr. These are a few stills of my friend chris that I took during my flickering 3D project, they a just few of my favourites out of all of the stills as it is a moving image project. All portraits but I was very lucky with the light […]

Camera mount rig

A basic rig that I made to help me with a photography project that I am doing at the moment, it allows me to take photos from two cameras of the same subject with at a slightly different angle. When put together giving a 3D type effect (hopefully). See one of my recent post for […]