Motion Time-lapse video by Alexandr Kravtsov

Dramatic music track, changes in pace and vivid colours make this motion time-lapse video by Alexandr Kravstov in Barcelona, Spain a very interesting video. Regarding to my work the techniques such as hyper-lapses are something that I am trying to introduce and include in my own work but in camera obscura. I think that using time-lapse in camera obscura gives a better sense of life and its passing by instead of just using stills (although I still am). There is something in camera obscura which is like bringing outside life inside and this is better portrayed (I think) over time. One of the shots that I particularly like are; From an alley moving towards a church of some kind (02:15-02:19). I like this shot because of the movement from dark to light ad also the change of pace at the very start.


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