Flickr Camera Obscura Set CO13

IMG_7599IMG_7587IMG_7585LeavesTelephone wires framed by skyBoats on Clevedon Front
Clevedon Sailing ClubFlying the flagClevedon promenade ShadowsBoats on Clevedon FrontBoats on Clevedon FrontHorizon
Bay in ClevedonClevedon Sailing ClubClevedon Sailing ClubTelephone wires framed by skySorrento Alley Way at NightCNV00020

Some stills that I shot of one of the rooms I am currently shooting. Im currently setting up some locations for the next couple of weeks such as a house in Bath. For these photos I used a 50mm lens which did allow for a lower aperture, but with this came the very shallow depth of field which could be used for certain shots but made some of the shots focused in very particular places. It is also difficult to shoot with a 50mm in a small room because it is has a very narrow point of view which makes it difficult to fit things into the frame. Some of the pictures are interesting but I feel i could make them a lot sharper and brighter. I especially like the focus on the quilt with a shard of light and the blurred cloud projection in the background. It will be good to get some larger locations so I am able to try out more interesting techniques and get a wider depth of angles.

(ps. this post went slightly wrong the top 9 photos are the ones I am talking about, the others are from a project that I did on relating pictures to music,  mostly shot in Clevedon which is around 20 mins from Bristol. The song I used for the project was ‘The sea – Swim Deep’.


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