Adventure Is Calling time-lapse video by Shane Black

This time-lapse video shot by Shane Black over the summer on a two month trip across America crossing through 32 states and 13 national parks is really something. The rich colours and smooth movement are something that are very difficult to achieve and Shane has captured something really special, Showing things that the human eye would never be able to see due to the long time periods. I especially like the shots in the night of the stars and galaxy, I really like these because they so clearly show the axis in which the earth moves on and also just to see the such bright, vivid colours in space is incredible. My favourite shot is from 0:44-01:05 It shows such a movement of the earth and I also love the contrast of the dark knight to the bright green tent in the foreground. To show the passing of time in such a fluid way over a long period is incredible.


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