Flickering 3D first attempt

This is my first attempt at the technique used in some of my recent posts. It involves taking photos from 2 different cameras from slightly different angles to create a slightly 3D effect. As this was my first attempt in is a little while of looking right and this is mainly down to not being able to monitor and keep both camera doing what I want them to be doing. This is difficult because the focal point needs to be be in the correct place on both cameras and it is very difficult to monitor both and keep the timing right. I intend to build a basic mount which will enable me to fix both cameras in exactly the place and move them at the same time if I wish. The main problem I had was keeping the two angles so close to each other with out making the change between shot to drastic, and keeping to the focal point in this case the person.


The way that this mount will hopefully work will be by using a basic bit of wood and camera mounts to attach two cameras (the cameras will be much closer together in the end product) the handles underneath are simple for stability and ease of use. I will use to two remote shutters (one on each camera) set to the same times to take the photos while still being able to hold the handles. Ideally I would be using two of the same camera but am currently using my canon 600d and a friends 1000d.



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