Camera mount rig

Camera mount rig

A basic rig that I made to help me with a photography project that I am doing at the moment, it allows me to take photos from two cameras of the same subject with at a slightly different angle. When put together giving a 3D type effect (hopefully). See one of my recent post for an example; . A video by a nice a idea every day on vimeo which inspired me to have a go myself. I haven’t been able to test this rig yet but I am hoping that it has work a lot better than my first attempt which did go swell as I hoped to say the least.(here is my first attempt; It should be a lot smoother because this rig enables me to keep both cameras steady and focus on the same subject, it also means that it takes only one person rather than having one person on each camera which is what I did on my first attempt.


This is a picture of me wearing the rig, both strap around my neck.


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