Bath Camera Obscura

Camera Obscura Time lapse Still 1Camera Obscura Time lapse Still 3Camera Obscura Time lapse Still 4Camera Obscura Time lapse Still 5Camera Obscura Time lapse Still 6Camera Obscura Time lapse Still 7
Camera Obscura Time lapse Still 8Camera Obscura Time lapse Still 9

Bath CO, a set on Flickr.

Some stills from a day of shooting camera obscura in a house in bath. The view is from on the hill down over the rows of houses. I was very lucky with light and the photos came out very well. Camera obscura takes time especially if you want to do it right, the lower the ISO the sharper the pictures are going to be but the longer the exposure time is going to be, so getting good shots and being time effective can be difficult. I used a sort of half way house for these photos, ISO at 1600 and shutter speed at 5 seconds. All the still are taken from time-lapse videos I am currently uploaded so check back. I plan to go back when I have a bit more time to spend, hopefully within the next couple weeks which will give me a chance to get some really good, crisp photos. In these photos I especially like the reflection on the light shade which gives a nice feel of depth in the room. I included the photo which seems very light because it shows what happens when light is let in, in this case the door was open for a second.



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