Camera Obscura in Bath

Timelapse video of camera obscura room in Bath that I shot on tuesday morning, I was under time constraints so more time would have been good and the quality may have been better. This panning shot is a little dark and not as smooth as I would like but I was lucky with the weather. The weather is important because if there is no light (or very dull light) then it is very difficult to take camera obscura photos. Also ideally you want to have the sun shining on the things that you want to show up in the room, not have it facing the window because it mainly just creates a beam of light through the pinhole. This video is the same clip, first the regular clip then flipped so that the buildings and such are the correct way up. I have around 8 separate time lapses from this day and will be posting them all here in the next week. I also hope to go back in the next two weeks to take some more.



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