Monthly Archives: November 2013

Mineo “Turn Out the Lights” 3D camera-shift

Although the technique in this music video for the song Turn out the lights by Mineo, it is still using a 3D camera-shift type technique to create the effect. The difference here is that instead of having moving objects as well as the 3D shift dual angle, these photos seem as though they are a […]

Blue Roses- Doubtful Comforts by A Nice Idea Every Day

Another 3D camera-shift video from A nice idea every day, this one earlier than the other a nice idea every day camera-shift video I posted. This is actually a music video for Doubtful comforts by the Blue roses which is the song that I used for my last 3D camera-shift test, I chose to use […]

3D Camera Shift test

Another 3D camera shift test I took yesterday, I am pleased with the result and feel like I am getting closer to the sort of quality that I would like the end result to have. This is a another short 17 sec video of two separate clips I shot yesterday. The difference with these clips […]

3D Shift Tests

A short video I put together with the remaining tests from my first attempt at 3D shift photography, the test are put together with music just to make it more interesting. In this video there are 9 different shots and I think some work a lot better than others. As these were my first test […]

Camera Obscura in Bath 6, 7 & 8

I decided to past the last three test shots all together so that I didn’t have to make a separate post for each like I did with the others. This clip is the 6th of the set from the bath house, and is in the direction of the pinhole, I included a rotated version with […]

Camera Obscura in Bath 5

The thing I particularly like about this clip is the projection on the light shade, this distortion adds a whole new depth to the room and makes the room 3D in the eye of the beholder instead of just being a projection on a flat canvas. I think that this idea of the objects and […]

Camera Obscura in Bath 4

This clip is of the ceiling of the pinhole room, which gives a really distorted effect and is stretched across the ceiling. The fact that something from the outside can be projected to any part of the room is something that I really like about camera obscura, The outside at any angle can be projected […]