Camera Obscura in Bath 3

First of the still shots that I did in the past week, On this shot I used a lower ISO than the other so it should be noticeably the sharper, although in parts it does look a little bit choppier especially the clouds because there is more time between each shot (due to the slower shutter speed needed to shoot at a lower aperture) the clouds move more between each photo than the others. I like the quality at a lower ISO, so in future I will probably use 800 or maybe 1600 if I’ve got time constraints to get a certain amount of shots. Also if you watch the clothes hanging up the jumper is moved half way through, I also make an appearance as I move it. As a first shoot on this location with only 3 hours to get the photos I think they came out alright. Still around four to come, ill keep posting them. Check back for new ones.



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