Camera Obscura in Bath 4

This clip is of the ceiling of the pinhole room, which gives a really distorted effect and is stretched across the ceiling. The fact that something from the outside can be projected to any part of the room is something that I really like about camera obscura, The outside at any angle can be projected into the inside of a pinhole room/ camera obscura as long as the light can reach it and this can make for some very interesting. For example a video that I saw from Romain Alary in which a train track was projected onto the ceiling of a room, where trains could be seen passing. One thing about this clip I like is that the pinhole is actually in the picture, the glaring light in the background is the source of all the projections in the photo, you can also see all sorts of light spilling out from the sides and around the corners of the window (should be pitch black really but sometime, you can stop these little cracks of light getting in). The light flickers throughout this clip making it quite jittery but I think it works quite well, the flash of bright light towards the end is the door of the room being opened. The trees swaying in the projection give a sense of life that it can be easy to loose in camera obscura if there isn’t that much movement in the scene you are trying to project.



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