Camera Obscura in Bath 5

The thing I particularly like about this clip is the projection on the light shade, this distortion adds a whole new depth to the room and makes the room 3D in the eye of the beholder instead of just being a projection on a flat canvas. I think that this idea of the objects and surfaces in the room distorting and creating something else from the projection very interesting, making you look at it to really think about what you are looking at. Some parts are obvious and you can tell straight away what they are (such as roof etc) but then as your eyes drift around the composition you notice parts which you can’t quite make out especially when they are over or around an object because they are so distorted . This can be especially true when you are standing in the room and trying to sort out in your head what you are going to photograph before you do so. I also like the movement in this clip; the passing of a cloud half way through making the room dark, the passing of cars and the swaying of trees all add to show that real life is brought inside the room.



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