Camera Obscura in Bath 6, 7 & 8

I decided to past the last three test shots all together so that I didn’t have to make a separate post for each like I did with the others.

This clip is the 6th of the set from the bath house, and is in the direction of the pinhole, I included a rotated version with the regular just like with the others to show the projection the correct way up. Unfortunately this shot came out very dark and there is really not that much you can see in the frame, You are only just about able to see the light shade which forms the main focus of the shot and is centrally place. You can see however the way the a camera obscura projection is stretched and distorted when it winds its way round an object or surface, this is something about camera obscura that I really enjoy. You can see this distortion and stretch in the window frames projected of the house opposite.  In my view this is one of the more boring clips that I was able to get in Bath, mainly because there is no brat bit of movement or interesting colour changes or vivid shades.

The layering of a projection can be very interesting and when the two surfaces you are projecting onto are far away from each other it really gives a perspective of the room that you are shooting in, highlighting it features. I included a rotated version with the regular just like with the others to show the projection the correct way up. This shot is a shorter one as it was short towards the end of the time and features very few frames, although I think it will be useful when it comes to editing clips together, I think I will use it as a close shot of the light shade to use directly after ‘CO bath 5’, this will create a nice depth of angle and show the closer look at details in the projection. When shooting camera obscura I really like looking back on certain clips and noticing little movement here and there, like the cars moving in this clip, It is interesting because in time-lapse things that might have been there for a long while in real time, in time-lapse though there appearance could be so brief that you would miss it watching back. Clouds passing in this clip cover the whole room in darkness for a second or few and throughout which is why there is a slight flickering.

A shorter,slightly different version of the earlier posted clip (CO Bath 3), but what I really like about this clip is the flipped version. I really like these shot when it is rotated the correct way up because it gives a really good view over Bath and across all the roof fops in very clear, crisp clarity. Possible not as crisp as ‘CO bath 3’ and probably a bit darker. Another reason I chose to include the rotated clip is that I like how when someone sees the rotated version is because it is strange to see clothes hanging up on the wall but hanging upside down (and other such objects),also to all the other tests. Somewhere I saw this was in Romain Alary’s Paris apartment camera obscura where in a panning shot he shows kitchen utensils hanging upwards.



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