3D Shift Tests

A short video I put together with the remaining tests from my first attempt at 3D shift photography, the test are put together with music just to make it more interesting. In this video there are 9 different shots and I think some work a lot better than others. As these were my first test there are obviously a lot of things that could be improved and mistakes made that I can change next time. These shots were taken in the same shoot as the other 3D shift videos I have posted so they are using the rig that I made to help me with this project (which you can find here; https://danrichc.wordpress.com/2013/10/27/camera-mount-rig/  ) This rig works well and I think it made a great difference to quality. Although as the set-up goes the ideal would be that I have two of the same cameras, because when using a canon 600d and then a 1100d it means that one is slightly quicker than the other so, instead of being able to hold down the shutter the photos have to be take one by one.(due to different continuous shooting fps). Some of the shots came out better than other, one of my favourites is from 00:11-00:12 because it is really crisp and I really like the cold winter light and the depth of field which keeps the subject paramount in the composition of the shot. There are two shots in which I attempted to capture a 3D shift of flour being blown out of the hand but was unable as the shutter was just a little too slow for this kind of movement, so because of this it is difficult to see any flour in the air or moving. I also like 00:03-00:05 this is a nice shot in my view because although the execution of 3D shift isn’t perfect the lighting is very good, this shot was taken quite late in the day and the sun was very low in the sky giving this very directional light from the left. It is good because it outlines features, and gives a contrast between the light and dark down the middle of the face. I hope to get this process a lot slicker in the future, the main problem I am having is that it isn’t smooth enough because there just isn’t enough frames, so I may have to put the shot with more movement in them and concentrate on a small range of moment which will allow me to take longer and take a lot more still, hopefully giving the end result a much smoother result. Check back for my next attempt in the next few weeks.



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