3D Camera Shift test

Another 3D camera shift test I took yesterday, I am pleased with the result and feel like I am getting closer to the sort of quality that I would like the end result to have. This is a another short 17 sec video of two separate clips I shot yesterday. The difference with these clips and my other test is the amount of still that they are made up of. In the past my 3D camera shift videos have been made of around 30 frames whereas these two are 80 and 155 stills a piece. The benefit of having more frames is that after editing it creates a much smoother, fluid video instead of being choppy. In the first clip I really enjoy the fact that there is movement in the background I think it adds to the character and flow of the video. Once again I have added music just to add the feel of the video. I am currently trying to find a mount enabling me to attach my 3D camera shift rig to a tripod which will allow me to shoot much steadier shots, I originally wanted to shoot moving shots, but as I do not have a dolly this is going to very difficult. I plan on shooting a lot more of this so check back for more.



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