Dream Camera Obscura shot 1

The first shot from my Camera Obscura/3D shift dream project, I story boarded the whole of the piece and this is the first shot. A panning shot across the camera obscura room. The dark lines that you can see in this clip are from scaffolding outside the window, I didn’t know that it was going to be there so it isn’t ideal, but in a way I think it adds something. The pan isn’t very smooth and was a bit jumpy so I may be able to go back and re shoot this if I have enough time after shooting all the other clips I need. The song I put behind it is ‘If I Had A Heart’- Fever Ray which I included because it is the music I plan on using for the final piece for my coursework. The reason being I just think that it gives the right atmosphere that I am looking for. I will be posted a lot of my clips and tests for this project in the coming weeks so check back. The final piece will be posted when it is completed which should hopefully be in the next month.



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