dream project images

Dreams 3D shift 1Dreams 3D shift 2Dreams 3D shift 4Dreams 3D shift 5Dreams 3D shift 6Dreams 3D shift 7
Dreams 3D shift 8Dreams 3D shift 9Dreams 3D shift 10Dreams 3D shift 11Dreams 3D shift 12Dreams 3D shift 13
Dreams 3D shift 14Dreams 3D shift 15Dreams 3D shift 16Dreams 3D shift 17Dreams 3D shift 18Dreams 3D shift 19
Dreams 3D shift 20Dreams 3D shift 21

dream sequence, a set on Flickr.

Some of the images from my dreams project, these are the unedited, non-colour corrected versions. I took a few from each of the shots of the first and second character. (the chased and chaser). Check back for some of the CO and other parts before I post the final piece which will be coming soon.



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