Dreams – A Camera Obsura/ 3D Shift Project

The final piece for my A level coursework project which combines the two techniques of camera obscura and 3D camera-shift but also links them with the story behind the project ‘dreams’. Camera obscura’s link to dreams for me comes with the fact that the technique brings the outside in using the projection and dreams do a similar thing but in your mind. 3D camera shift fits in as a way to portray the actual dream. Shot in Bath & Bristol. The cameras used were a Canon 600D & 1000D using 50mm,18-55 lenses. This has been a project that I have been working on for quite a while and I’m glad that a really have something to show for it. I am still not quite happy with finished product and there are a few changes to be made, so there may be an edited version and hopefully this would smooth out anythings I don’t like in this one. Feel free to give any feedback, comments are welcome.


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