My name is Dan Richardson I am 17 and am currently studying photography. This blog is a ‘web sketchbook’, for my A2 photography work. Here I will post current influences and some of the work that I do and also tests. I am currently studying camera obscura which is a photographic technique in which a room is completely darkened apart from a single pinhole which lets light from the outside in. This technique can be used on any scale, I am just choosing to do it on a large scale in a room. An upside down projection of whatever is on the outside of the pinhole is projected onto the inside of the room. I am also looking into the technique 3D shift photography which is the use of 2 cameras focusing on the same subject at two similar but slightly different angles to take alternate pictures then in post production to edit them together to give the flickering 3D look. Will be posting regularly so check back for new posts.


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