Blue Roses- Doubtful Comforts by A Nice Idea Every Day

Another 3D camera-shift video from A nice idea every day, this one earlier than the other a nice idea every day camera-shift video I posted. This is actually a music video for Doubtful comforts by the Blue roses which is the song that I used for my last 3D camera-shift test, I chose to use it just because I think it fits so well with the pace of the flickering angles in 3D camera-shift. I also think that its beautiful but slightly sinister vibe really fit with the visual of 3D camera-shift and especially that clip in particular because of the dark, drab sort of lighting that it features(you can see the test I am talking about here; ). The the combination of the music and the 3D camera-shift in this video for me works so well ,having the sound to back up the visual just helps to convey a more powerful message. The fact that this video is in black and white is key I think, the darker light leaves some things hidden and I think when you cannot see the whole of something you can often feel it a little sinister because it is unknown and I can definitely feel this here, we see this most in the obstruction of the faces in this video.. Having said that the gentle tones of the music are beautiful in there way and tell another story. Perhaps one of my favourite shots in the video is between 02:19-02:20 the diamond shape light flickering is very powerful and the light it emits catching the smoke all around really adds depth to the shot.



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